Our Committees

The NZSA has a number of committees and interest groups to represent its members in particular practice areas, or areas of interest.  If you are interested in joining any committee or interest group, please get in touch with us.

2020 Conference Committee

Convenor: Nicholas Warren

Committee Members: 
David Cusak, Susan Macualay

Terms of reference

Banking Representative:

Ian Perara

Communications Committee

Convenor: –

Committee Members: Adam Follington, Andrea Gluyas, Matt Botur (Website Editor), Melissa Sutjipto (Deputy Website Editor)

Terms of reference

Enterprise Risk Management


Committee Members: Doune Connett, Richard Johnson

Terms of reference

Events Committee

Convenor: Kevin Chou

Committee Members: Caroline Moy, Christopher Wilkinson, Ethan Choi, Ian Collins, Richard Korte

Terms of reference

Experience Investigation

Experience Investigations now forms part of the Life Insurance Committee’s Terms of Reference.

Terms of reference

External Relations

Convenor : Andrea Gluyas

Terms of reference

General Insurance Committee

Convenor: Christian Barrington

Committee Members: Anagha Pasche, Craig Lough, Marcelo Lardies, Margaret Cantwell, Mathew Jensen, Peter Davies, Robert Cole, Simon Young, Wayne Anderson, Win-Li Toh

Terms of reference

Health Committee

Convenor: Sandra Chapman

Committee Members: Heather McLeod, John Feyter, Peter Davies, Xiao Zhong

Terms of reference

IFRS 17 Working Group

Convenor: Ben Coulter

Committee Members: Charles Hett, Christian Barrington, David Chamberlain, Fred Jorgensen, Hecy Su, John Smeed, John Smith, Leck Tham, Linda Page, Margaret Cantwell, Mark Sim, Michelle Green, Nic Warren, Richard Johnson, Richard McPherson, Shami Shearer, Xiao Zhong

Life Insurance Committee

Convenor: David Chamberlain

Committee Members: Adrian Allott, Darren Fleming, Hamish Farrar, Marco Welgemoed, Mark Sim, Michael Bartram, Nathan Colbert

Terms of reference

Member Engagement Committee

Convenor: Graeme Lewis

Committee Members: Michael Clarke, David Pearson, Cordelia Shamy, Akash Shivlal, Nicola Thompson

Terms of reference

Professional Conduct Committee

Convenor: Doune Connett

Committee Members: Brian Lenehan, John Errington

Terms of reference

Professional Development Committee

Convenor: Catherine Johnston (Interim Convenor)

Committee Members: Charmaine Green, Gary Chadwick, Lee-Ann Du Toit,  Peter Brown

Terms of reference

Professional Standards Committee

Convenor: John Smith

Committee Members: Charlie Cahn, Ian New, Ross Simmonds

Terms of reference

Retirement Income Interest Group

Convenor: Daniel Mussett

Committee Members: Alison O’Connell, Catherine Edgar, Janet Brownlie, Janet Shirley, Kelvin Prisk

Terms of reference

Student Committee

Convenor: Riley Power

Committee Members: An Le, Caroline Moy, Donovan Stevens, Evan Cooper, Hannah van Crasbeek, Maalona Mafaufau, Michelle Porter, Lea Tran, James Pearson

Terms of Reference

About our Committees

Each Committee has a Terms of Reference. The arrangements below apply to all Committees unless specified otherwise in the section of the document which is specific to a particular committee.

Committee Membership

Committee Membership is to be approved by Council. The Convenor will be a Fellow of the New Zealand Society of Actuaries who is appointed by (and may be replaced by) the Council.

The Convenor is responsible for recruitment of other members of the Committee, with appointments and rotations to be approved by the Council. Re-approval of Committee members is required by Council every three years.

Committee Meetings

Committees meet on a regular basis to achieve their objectives. The Convenor is responsible for ongoing administration.

External Communications

The Convenor is empowered to engage with external parties on behalf of the Society on matters contained within the scope of the Committee’s Terms of Reference above. All public communications must be approved by the President or a Council member, the Convenor’s role being to provide advice to the President and Council on NZSA public communications.


The Committee will provide the Council with a monthly update of its activities and report on the Years activities for the AGM. The Committee will also inform the Council of any material issues it considers appropriate at any other time.

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