CPD Task Force


  • To identify key skills and training actuaries require outside the traditional actuarial education process, at various stages of their careers now and in the future.
  • Determine how and what skills development and training can and should be provided by or facilitated by NZSA
  • Develop a future framework for NZSA in the area of CPD, including the potential role of a dedicated CPD Committee
  • Consider and recommend how to set and measure CPD outcomes for the purposes of the NZSA’s CPD Professional Standard
  • Report back to Council by 30 June 2018.


  • Consider current skills gaps
  • Assess the skills that will be valuable to members in the future
  • Review what other actuarial bodies and related professional bodies are doing in the CPD space, both in terms of offerings and requirements of members
  • Determine where responsibility for particular skills development should lie – eg with the NZSA, with the individual, with the employer or with the examining body
  • Consider options, including external training providers, other professional bodies or further qualifications which may be suitable as providers or recommended self study options
  • Consider how and when NZSA provides CPD and how and when it facilitates CPD, including the role of a potential CPD Committee
  • Develop a framework for CPD for New Zealand actuaries
  • Review the approach to requiring and measuring CPD in NZSA’s CPD current professional standard and make recommendations as to the appropriateness of that approach or a recommended alternative approach


Membership is to be determined by Council.  The Convenor will be a Fellow of NZSA membership who is appointed by (and may be replaced by) the Council.  Membership of the Task Force will be up to five Actuaries plus two members of Council. The President as an ex-officio member.

The Convenor is empowered to engage with external parties on behalf of the Society on matters contained within the scope of the Task Force’s Terms of Reference above.  All public communications must be approved by the President or a Council member, the Convenor’s role being to provide advice to the President and Council on NZSA public communications.  The Convenor is also responsible for ongoing administration and may request assistance from or devolve this to the NZSA Secretariat.

The Task Force will provide the Council with a monthly update of its activities.  The Task Force will also inform the Council of any material issues it considers appropriate at any other time.