External Relations Committee


  • To put in place and manage processes and actions to proactively maintain and enhance the external profile of the Society.
  • Provide guidance to Council on external relations.
  • Foster good relations with regulators and relevant external bodies.



  • To ensure the Society is proactive in the area of submissions.
  • To ensure appropriate processes are in place to maintain communication with key external parties.
  • Responsibility for the Society’s website and general oversight of external publications.
  • Liaison with the Institute of Actuaries of Australia in the area of public profile.
  • Consider the most appropriate response to media articles, including engaging professional external advice, and provide recommendations to Council.
  • Encourage members with a high profile and media presence to engage with the media in their individual capacity, clearly recognising that they are not speaking on behalf of the Society.
  • Provide suggestions to Members as to current issues which are opportunities for advancing actuarial profile.
  • Provide assistance to Members who engage media on actuarial issues on behalf of the Society.