Our strategy

Our Purpose: Actuaries make financial sense of the future

Our strategy is based on three pillars:

Influence | Collaboration | Excellence

We are sought after for objective advice; we build collaborative relationships and we work to the highest standards.



Actuaries are sought after for objective advice

  • We produce well-respected submissions on standards and regulations in core actuarial areas
  • We use our voice selectively in media and policy debates with research-based thought leadership


Actuaries build collaborative relationships

  • The actuarial profession makes an impact through active links with key New Zealand public interest bodies
  • Our presence in the global actuarial community improves members’ experiences
  • New Zealand actuaries learn from each other and enjoy the fellowship of our local community


Actuaries work to the highest standards

  • New Zealand’s actuarial Professional Standards are robust
  • Actuaries in New Zealand follow exacting standards of actuarial competence and conduct
  • Members are supported with their studies and continuing professional development
  • The NZSA is a well-governed organisation

Members can read more about the Strategic Tasks 2022-23 to support the NZSA Strategy here

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Our strategy
Our strategy
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