The role of the NZSA

The New Zealand Society of Actuaries (NZSA or the Society) is the professional body for actuaries practising in New Zealand. Actuaries analyse the past to estimate outcomes and help manage risk in the future. Actuaries provide advice to many industries including healthcare, superannuation, insurance, banking and investments. Actuaries are becoming increasingly involved with non-financial sector organisations that aim to improve outcomes through data-driven insights.

The NZSA is an incorporated society and is governed by a set of Rules.

To call yourself an “actuary”, you must complete examinations and other requirements and become a Fellow or an Associate of the NZSA. Unlike other actuarial bodies overseas, the NZSA does not conduct actuarial examinations. Instead members must obtain their formal actuarial qualifications through another examining actuarial body prior to converting to an Associate or Fellow class of membership with the Society.

Professionalism is paramount to the work that actuaries do. To ensure our members carry out their work in a professional manner, the NZSA requires all members to comply with a Code of Conduct. If you feel an actuary has not conducted himself or herself in a professional and competent manner, you can lodge a complaint by following steps outlined in the Complaints Procedure.