Associate members, who are fully qualified through actuarial associations which are not recognised under rule 5 (a) (i) of the Society’s rules, may apply for special consideration for Fellow membership. Such applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis by Council, on the recommendation of a Fellow of the Society.

These guidelines are intended to assist applicants in preparing their application.

Generally, an applicant would have:

·         been residing and working in New Zealand and have done so for at least three years to gain suitable experience in local actuarial practice;

·         completed a recognised Professionalism course within the previous 36 months; and

·         maintained the currency of their membership of the relevant overseas actuarial association.

However, applications from persons without such qualification are still welcomed as applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.

Whilst not mandated, the following types of supporting documentation would be of assistance to the Council in considering an application.

Please note these are examples only:

·         a letter to Council illustrating work experience and any other achievements; evidence of actuarial education qualification; and

·         references from one or more senior Fellows of the Society (for example, a Fellow who is an Appointed Actuary or working in a senior actuarial role), in support of the application. It would be useful if the referees            were able to comment on the applicant’s actuarial experience and knowledge of New Zealand conditions.

If an application is unsuccessful it may be resubmitted in 12 months’ time, provided that any requirements stipulated by Council have been met.

The Council may request further information from an applicant.