Why become an actuary?

Being an actuary isn’t just a job. It’s a Profession.

It’s a career where you can use your talents to solve real world problems. These problems vary in style and scope, but typically involve using mathematical techniques.  Being an actuary is a commitment to uphold certain standards of performance, professionalism and ethics. It’s a qualification you can take anywhere in the world.

You could help solve problems in business – like pricing products or managing risk. Or find solutions to social and economic dilemmas – like building an effective retirement incomes policy for New Zealand’s ageing population.

You’ll join a highly regarded profession whose members are in demand and well-rewarded for their analytical and problem solving skills and their ability to lead – and you’ll gain the fellowship and support of an elite network of peers throughout New Zealand and internationally.

Becoming a New Zealand actuary will involve also joining an internationally recognised actuarial body, such as the Australian or UK Institute.

Influence and career satisfaction

Actuaries, are frequently offered high pressure, high-level roles that demand hard work but also provide opportunities for great intellectual stimulation, variety and the ability to make a significant contribution. Actuaries also often move swiftly into leadership roles because their training in evidence-based decision making is highly valued at an executive level.

Internationally recognised 

This is a profession which values integrity and ability, taking deep understanding to provide sincere and insightful solutions.

Joining this profession will involve joining a professional which is well respected and well rewarded, fostering skills that are in demand across the country and transferable across the world, joining a group of high calibre professionals who support and champion each other, joining a world of interesting challenges.

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