All members of the NZSA are required to do CPD, including student members. All of us need to continue to develop our professional and personal skills.

The CPD requirements are outlined in Professional Standard 10 – Continuing Professional Development.

The key requirements of PS10 are:

  • A minimum of 40 hours of CPD per calendar year, or 80 hours of CPD over two consecutive calendar years, provided that at least 20 hours is completed in any one calendar year.
  • It is expected that the activities which comprise CPD will consist of a mixture of Technical Skills, Professional Skills and Business and Management Skills appropriate to a member’s work and role.
  • A minimum of 20 hours of CPD per annum, or 40 hours of CPD over two consecutive years, must be specific to the roles and practice areas in which that member works, provided that at least 10 hours of this requirement must completed in any one calendar year (we have referred to this as “core” hours).
  • A Member who works in more than one Practice Area must give consideration to the number of hours of CPD required to maintain their core Technical Skills in each of the areas in which they practise.

Technical Skills refers to actuarial, mathematical, modelling, legal and other similar skills that are core to your work and specific to your role or Practice Area.

Professional Skills refers to the professional and ethical standards that the public and those who employ you expect you to be well versed in and display in carrying out your obligations under the Code of Professional Conduct.

Business and Management Skills refers to skills gained to improve personal effectiveness and your ability to succeed in a diverse business environment.

It is expected that most student members will be able to meet most, if not all, of their CPD requirement as a result of their programme of study.

If you are not providing a Professional Service (as defined in PS10) and are either retired, on extended leave or have other special circumstances, you can apply to Council in writing for an exemption from the CPD requirements. Conditions may apply to any exemption.

Apply for an Exemption from the CPD requirement