CPD is a key part of ensuring that you maintain the capability to deliver a quality service that applies up-to-date specialist skills and knowledge and demonstrates ethical behaviour, while being subject to professional oversight.

NZSA PS10 states: “The purpose of CPD is to ensure that all Members maintain, improve and broaden their knowledge of skills, and to develop the personal and professional qualities needed for the provision of Professional Services through a Member’s working life.”

Members have a continuing duty to develop and maintain their professional knowledge and skill. CPD is a significant component of the process by which a Member maintains his or her capacity to practice in accordance with the Society’s Code of Professional Conduct and Professional Standards and Guidance Notes.

We need to do CPD:

  • To develop our professional knowledge and technical skills
  • To meet the expectations of our stakeholders (customers/employer/regulator)
  • To keep our knowledge and skills up to date
  • To gain knowledge in areas identified as gaps or in new developing areas
  • To meet objectives in your personal development plan (if you have one)
  • To meet the CPD Professional Standard PS10
WHY do I need to do CPD?
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