Celebrating Pride Month

Have you ever felt like you couldn’t be your true self at work?

Have you wondered how many Actuaries don’t feel wholly accepted as themselves?

 ‘Sometimes it’s losing opportunities — even ones that you may not have even known about — because of someone else’s unconscious (or conscious) bias. Sometimes it’s losing out on mentorship or networking connections because a person doesn’t feel that they can really “connect” with you. It’s hard not to wonder when you go for a job opening, promotion or spot on a project and it doesn’t go your way, just how much does someone else’s bias factor into that decision? Is it because you were not good enough or would you have achieved your goal if you had a different identity?’ (Akstins and Gentile, co-founders of Sexuality and Gender Alliance of Actuaries).

Diversity enriches our profession by making it more dynamic, creative, and representative of the world in which we live. We cherish our diverse membership, whether you associate with the LGBTQIA+ community or are from a different race, upbringing, gender, ethnicity, religion, age, ability, or any other dimension of diversity.

Our logo took a colourful adaption in celebration of embracing this diversity and inclusion within our profession.

 Even though Pride Month has come to an end, it’s important to remember it takes all of us to ensure that our members feel accepted and valued within the profession and their workplace

NZSA pride month logo