Professional Standards

The purpose of our professional standards is to:

  • Maintain and promote public confidence in the work of actuaries
  • Equip actuaries with a framework in which to exercise professional judgment
  • Define generally accepted actuarial practice
  • Meet or support the requirements of legislation or another professional body
  • Ensure clients are fully informed.

We have a robust process for developing and maintaining professional standards, to promote and maintain high standards of competence and conduct within our profession.

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Continuing Professional Development

Life Insurance and Friendly Societies Standards

General and Health Insurance Standards

Superannuation Standards

Investment Standards

Other Standards

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Other International Standards

In addition to the NZSA standards, there are also International Standards and International Actuarial Notes (IANs) that have been issued by the International Actuarial Association. There are no legislative, regulatory or mandatory requirements for NZSA Members to comply with these standards. However, if NZSA Members would like guidance on specific areas not covered by NZSA Standards, then these are good documents to consider (albeit non-binding). Further information on these can be found here.