The Young Volunteer Achievement Awards recognised the outstanding contributions made by volunteers less than five years post-qualification and are judged based on the nominated applicants’ commitment to excellence in their chosen field of volunteering, leadership and determination to advance the profession.

2021 Recipients

Caroline Moy

Caroline convenes the Events Committee, and has given significant time to ensure that NZSA events are a success, including working in the background to make sure that everything works as expected. She has demonstrated her adaptability as Covid impacted NZSA events, seamlessly transitioning from in-person to virtual events. Without Caroline’s contribution, we would not have been able to stay as connected and influential as we did over the past year. Caroline is a valuable member of the Society and a true ambassador for the profession. She has made sure we have a great team who are able to organise great events.

Donovan Stevens

Donovan has served on a number of NZSA committees over the past few years, including currently convening the Communications Committee. Donovan is currently heading up the rebuilding of the NZSA website, establishing a great team, working alongside the Secretariat, and all the while thinking about the wider communications system for the NZSA and how the website, newsletters, social media and other communications can work together. His combination of innovation and organisation is driving the success of the project, and will lay the foundation for the future communications of the NZSA, internally and externally.

2020 Recipients

Ethan Choi

Ethan burst onto the actuarial scene with an excellent conference presentation on “Beyond the Bitcoin” at the 2016 Conference. Since then he joined and is now chairing the Events Committee, a task he undertakes with both professionalism and enthusiasm. Ethan goes out of his way to ensure events are successful and has continued an excellent programme across the COVID-19 lockdown.

2019 Recipients

June Kuan


2018 Recipients

Ian Collins

Jessie McCreary


2017 Recipients

Jenn Dobinson