Code of Conduct Review

Terms of Reference


The existing Code of Professional Conduct (CoC) has been in place since 1/10/2006. Council has determined that this should be reviewed and, where necessary, updated. Similar reviews have recently taken in place in the Actuaries Institute in Australia and the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries in the UK. In both cases their CoCs have moved to “Principles Based” standards.



The objectives of the review are to:

  1. Work through the existing Code to identify any changes that should be made.
  2. Review CoC’s for other actuarial organisations to learn what is happening internationally.
  3. Ensure there is consistency between the CoC and NZSA rules, disciplinary procedure, and other policy and standards.
  4. Undertake legal review of any proposed amendments.
  5. Recommend any amendments and propose a new CoC that includes those amendments.
  6. Review any feedback from members and, if necessary, amend the proposed CoC.


Note that any change to the CoC will require a vote of NZSA members and at least 75% support to be passed.