Member Engagement Committee


  • To support the engagement of current, new and future members in the Society.


The member engagement committee will:

  • Regularly survey members to get feedback on services provided by the Society to members and action improvements to better support members.
  • Identify areas to improve engagement (e.g. retired members, new qualifiers, new students, etc).
  • Facilitate mentoring of members within the Society
  • Seek and coordinate member volunteers to help support Society activities.
  • Promote diversity of membership across the Society
  • Promote the Actuarial career path to students at universities and schools.
  • Liaise with universities to promote alignment between university courses and Actuarial study.
  • Maintain links with equivalent committees of other international actuarial bodies.
  • Manage applications for Ordinary membership of the Society. (Applications for Fellow and Associate membership will be referred to Council).