Becoming a member

There are three types of membership of the NZSA. Each membership corresponds to the education level you have achieved. Application Form

Ordinary Membership

If you want to join the Society but you are not eligible as an Associate or a Fellow you may apply to join as an Ordinary Member.

Most of our Ordinary Members are students studying to become actuaries. It is only through passing exams and gaining work experience you can progress to Associate and Fellow.

If you are studying to become an actuary you will need to be a member of an overseas professional body to gain a qualification as an Associate or a Fellow.  The list below shows which professional bodies’ qualifications are recognised in New Zealand.

You do not need to be working for an actuarial employer to become an Ordinary member of the Society, but your application does need to be endorsed by a Fellow to help ensure that you have an understanding of what it means to be a member of a professional body.

If you don’t know any Fellows, you can speak to an actuary in order to get an endorsement.

Associate Membership

On successful completion of your technical exams and a professionalism course, you can apply for Associate membership.  Please refer to the overseas actuarial body conducting the exams for exact requirements.

Associate membership allows you to call yourself an actuary in New Zealand.

If you don’t know any Fellows, you can speak to an actuary in order to get an endorsement.


Fellowship is our top designation, and allows you to undertake statutory roles, such as an Appointed Actuary role.  If you are a New Zealand resident, a Fellowship designation gives you voting rights and the ability to stand for NZSA Council.

Recognised Overseas Actuarial Bodies

In order to become an Associate or Fellow you have to achieve the equivalent designation with one of the following actuarial bodies.

If you are moving to New Zealand and hold a qualification from a professional body which is not on the list above, or are considering studying through such a body, please see Information for qualified actuaries moving to NZ.

Residence Requirements

To become an Associate or Fellow, you have to be ordinarily resident in New Zealand or Australia (or in the view of Council, be familiar with New Zealand conditions).