Why choose an actuarial career

An actuary is often rated as one of the best jobs in the world.This is because an actuarial career can provide an influential position with intellectual challenges, safe working conditions, a favourable employment outlook and earnings potential.

Given the mix of skills that actuaries have – statistical knowledge to accounting to economics and risk management – actuarial advice can be valuable to make financial sense of an uncertain and volatile world.

Our advice is useful to many industries, including healthcare, superannuation, insurance, banking and investments, where a single decision can have a major financial impact.  There is demand for actuaries, and actuarial advice, in industries right across the world.

Qualified actuaries are not limited to working in traditional areas of actuarial practice. The quantitative skills and broad commercial acumen gained as an actuary can be valuable in a wide range of general management positions or as a director of a company.

What you need

There are, of course, some prerequisites needed before you embark on an actuarial career.

  • You must have good grades in a numerically-based subject, such as mathematics or statistics, and be interested in turning technical analysis into value-add advice.
  • Qualifying as an actuary requires passing a series of exams, after you have already attained a Bachelors (or higher) degree at University.

Most employers support you in your study with study leave so you can earn an income while you qualify as an actuary.  However, the path to qualification can be challenging, so you need to be prepared to invest time and effort to be able to reap all the benefits of an actuarial career.

Actuarial career work examples