Other International Standards

In addition to the NZSA standards, the following International Standards of Actuarial Practice (ISAPs) have been issued by the International Actuarial Association. There are no legislative, regulatory or mandatory requirements for NZSA Members to comply with these standards. However, if NZSA Members would like guidance on specific areas not covered by NZSA Standards, then these are good documents to consider (albeit non-binding).


There is ongoing work on ISAP4 – IFRS17

International Actuarial Notes

International Actuarial Notes (IANs) are educational and non-binding in nature. They show practices commonly used by actuaries and are not intended to define the practice or practices that would be adopted by all actuaries. Their purpose is to familiarize the actuary with approaches that might be taken in the practice area in question. They also serve to demonstrate to clients and other stakeholders, and to non-actuaries who carry out similar work, how the actuarial profession may approach the subject matter.

Current IANs